Land Surveys: Are They Necessary?

In the past, banks and mortgage companies often required land surveys before your mortgage would be approved. That practice changed in the last decade, and, as a result, many buyers do not bother to have their new property surveyed. This oversight can be incredibly costly, both financially and emotionally. If you want to save yourself a great deal of grief, hire a land surveyor. Boundaries Getting along with the neighbors means that you have clear boundaries, both in behavior and in property lines. [Read More]

Dressing For A Day Observing A Demolition

If you are going to be spending some time on the site of a demolition, then you need to prepare for the occasion. Even if you aren't working on the job crew, you may still come into contact with debris and other hazardous things that can cause an injury. The information in this article will inform you of some of the things you want to purchase for going on the demolition site. [Read More]

A Guide To Chemical Stump Removals

Grinding a stump can be a lot of work and can require that you rent relatively expensive equipment. If you do not want to spend the time and money on mechanically removing the stump in your yard, another option is to use chemicals to slowly destroy the stump to remove the eyesore from your property. How Potassium Nitrate Works Chemicals work by accelerating the process in which stumps decompose. They use potassium nitrate, which allows for the formation of bacterial growth that allows for the stump to decay more quickly. [Read More]

How A Contractor Can Build A Chain Link Fence Around The Parking Lot For Your Work Vehicles

Chain link fences offer security against people going into your fleet parking lot and disturbing your work vehicles. Easy access to the parking lot means anyone can enter your property and steal supplies and tools off of your trucks. Here is how a contractor can install a commercial fence around the perimeter of the parking lot to keep your work vehicles safe. Install Fence Poles The contractor will dig post holes about eight to ten feet apart around the perimeter of the parking lot. [Read More]