A Few Upgrades To Reduce Your Home's Energy Usage

Reducing the energy usage of your home can be an important way of lowering your energy bills. However, you may be one of the many homeowners that are not particularly informed about the upgrades that they can make to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Luckily, it is possible to use the following upgrades to your house to help ensure that its energy usage is as low as possible without impacting the comfort of you or your family. [Read More]

Know Your Residential Seawall Options

Repairing or replacing your residential seawall is a must if you notice damage, since this wall is the main defense against erosion on your property. Seawall construction is an ever-evolving field, so make sure you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each of the common material options before making a final choice. Wood Wood used to be the most common material used for seawalls. It does eventually rot, though, so repairs to wooden walls are quite common. [Read More]

Summer Holiday: 4 HVAC Preparation Tips All Homeowners Need To Know

During the summer months, many families take vacations. If your family is planning on taking a vacation away from home, be sure to take some time to prepare your air conditioner. Although most people don't give their cooling system much thought, it is very beneficial to take the extra time to prepare it. So what should you do to prepare your AC for a summer vacation? Here are four tips: [Read More]

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Roof After The Winter Season

The winter season can take a toll on the roof of your home because of the heavy weight of snow and falling debris that collects on it during this time. This is why, when the winter season is over, you want to be sure that you clean it up well to ensure that the buildup and slight damages done during the winter are taken care of and do not cause further damage. [Read More]