Have Been Using Oils And Salts And Now Have A Clogged Tub? What To Know

If you've been experimenting with bath salts, oils, and other detoxifying natural components, it could be causing a lot of problems for your drains. If the water is starting to pool at your ankles or it takes a long time for the water to drain, you have a drain or plumbing problem.  As soon as you notice you have a clogged drain you want to call the experts for help. Have the drain professionally cleaned to prevent the following issues.

Chemical and Oil Corrosion

The chemicals from the salts and other items, even the natural oils, can cause corrosion throughout your pipes. To prevent this from happening you want to have the drains and pipes cleaned out. Have the plumber look at your piping to see if there is any galvanization or other damages from the salts and oils or to see if the pipes need to be replaced. The types of products you have will affect how bad the damage to your pipes is.

Pest Infestation

Pests can become attracted to the dirty water that clogs in your drain. You can end up with the following pests:

  • Fruit flies
  • Silverfish
  • Rodents
  • Ants

These are just some of the common pests that are going to enjoy the dirty water and the residue that is left in your tub and drain when the water finally goes down. Talk with the plumbing company about the risk of pests in your pipes if you believe there is a problem.

Stained Bath Fixtures

As the water struggles to drain appropriately, it leaves rings, watermarks, and discoloration on your sinks, tubs, sewer pipes, and bath fixtures. Not only do you have to worry about staining when this occurs, but then you also have to worry about bacteria lingering around your fixtures, which becomes a health concern.

Trying to clean your own drain could cause more damage to your pipes, it can cause a huge mess throughout the house if the drains all backflow, and it can be a health hazard if you don't have the proper cleaning supplies. Call a plumbing company as soon as you notice that your water isn't draining, and if you know you've been putting a lot of things down the drain that may prevent the water from going down as you want. Fixing the problem right away can prevent other more costly issues from arising with your home plumbing system.