Save Money and Protect Your Truck's Bed with a Spray-On Liner

If you recently purchased a new-to-you truck, and it does not have a bed liner installed on it, then it is important that you install one. You have three different options for installing a bed liner.

  1. Buy a drop-in liner
  2. Install a spray-on liner yourself
  3. Have a spray-on liner professionally installed

If you are concerned with your budget for this project, then installing a spray-on liner yourself is by far the least expensive option. You can purchase a paint kit at your local auto-supply store that you can use to apply the bed liner. In addition to following the directions included with your paint kit, you should follow these further tips for obtaining a quality installation.

Tip: Remove the Tailgate from Your Truck Before Installing the Bed Liner

Before you spray on the bed liner, you need to first remove everything from the bed of your truck and remove its tailgate. You should paint the liner on the bed of your truck and its tailgate separately. Once the liner material has dried, then you can put the tailgate back on.

Tip: Sand Off the Clear-Coat Layer in Your Truck's Bed

Since you cannot apply the new liner material on top of the paint job's clear-coat layer, you need to sand it off before you do any painting. The easiest way to remove the clear coat and rough up the surface of your truck's bed is to use a palm sander with a fine-grit, wet-dry sandpaper. Use foam-backed sanding pads to get into the ribs of your truck's bed.

Tip: Carefully Clean Off Your Truck's Bed to Prepare It for the Paint Application

Before you apply the bed-liner material to your truck, it is vital that you first clean the bed extremely well. Rather than hosing off the truck and risking the presence of water causing problems with your liner application, instead use a wet-dry shop vacuum followed by a tacky cloth to remove any foreign material from the surfaces you plan to paint.

Tip: Apply the Bed Liner to Your Truck in Mild Weather

Finally, the bed-liner paint for your truck's liner needs a mild temperature to cure and dry correctly. For this reason, you should avoid applying it on a day that is too cold or too hot. Additionally, if you have a garage, then you should apply the bed liner in your garage where dust and bugs will not become trapped in it.