Leak Detection Cameras Reduce The Need To Tear Out Drywall

A small leak may pose truly huge problems. A minute amount of water dripping in the walls might not create a disastrous situation right away. Over time, however, the slow and caustic dripping of water in walls or under floors leads to a massive accumulation of moisture capable of rotting wood, feeding mold, or possibly causing an electrical fire. Due to such dire issues, cutting out large pieces of drywall seems reasonable. The risks present make the expense of destroying drywall acceptable. What might prove heartbreaking — and budget breaking — would be discovering there is no leak in the walls where you cut. To avoid such a situation, calling on a plumber capable of performing remote leak detection is advisable.

The Ceiling Leak Disaster

Water dripping through the ceiling under the bathroom may indicate a leak in the piping. Since a bathroom has so many different drains and pressurized pipes running underneath its floor, figuring out where the leak is won't be easy. The water may not be dripping directly over the hole in which it is escaping. The water may be dripping four or five feet away and just be collecting in one spot. The weight of the water eventually breaks through the drywall or its connecting joint compound.

The Cutting Option

The common "old style" way of detecting the leak entails taking an exacto knife and start cutting at the location in which the leak appears. Whether or not the leak is found in the plumbing system, a contractor has to replace all the drywall. If this ends up being unnecessary, the costs to the homeowner reflect money wasted.

The Hidden Plumbing

With leak detection equipment, a small incision can be made in the drywall and a wire with a camera lens is inserted into the hole. If the leak is discovered, the drywall ends up being cut out so repairs may be performed. In the event no leak is discovered, then the plumber may look for other potential causes that might include a raised drain causing water to leak down the sides of the pipe or water on the floor seeping through imperfections.

Issues Masking Leaks

Other problems that indicate a potential leak may be determined without tearing out drywall. Condensation causing very damp ceilings or walls or low pressure in faucets could be due to a malfunctioning hot water heater. The key theme here is leak detection cameras prevent tearing out any walls or ceilings unnecessarily. That saves money.

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