Dressing For A Day Observing A Demolition

If you are going to be spending some time on the site of a demolition, then you need to prepare for the occasion. Even if you aren't working on the job crew, you may still come into contact with debris and other hazardous things that can cause an injury. The information in this article will inform you of some of the things you want to purchase for going on the demolition site.  

Be prepared with the proper safety gear

Prepare for going to the site by making sure you have all the proper safety gear. Some examples of this type of gear includes a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves and breathing masks (if necessary). You also want to be sure you consider whether or not you should even wear thick work-type jeans and a long sleeve shirt. If there is going to be metal dust or fiberglass in the air, then long clothes are a very good idea.

Wear durable, steel toed shoes or boots 

Even though you may not be doing any work at the location, you want to be sure you aren't going to end up with injured feet. This can happen a lot due to the amount of sharp objects on the ground. Screws, nails, staples, broken glass and splintered wood are just some examples of the items you may find yourself walking through. Steel toed boots have toes reinforced with steel to protect your feet if something falls on them. These boots also have thick soles to protect the bottom of your feet if you step on something sharp.

Prepare for meal time

If you are out at a demolition site for the day, then you will need to think about the weather and make sure you stay hydrated in the summer with plenty of cold water, and warmed up in the winter with hot cocoa or another warm beverage. There may not be anywhere around the site for you to go grab a quick bite to eat. Therefore, make sure you bring snacks and the meals that you will need so you don't have to worry about going all day without food. This can be dangerous if you do this on a hot enough day and cause yourself to pass out on the site.

Now that you know about the various items you want to get, you will be all set to spend the day at the demolition site.