How A Contractor Can Build A Chain Link Fence Around The Parking Lot For Your Work Vehicles

Chain link fences offer security against people going into your fleet parking lot and disturbing your work vehicles. Easy access to the parking lot means anyone can enter your property and steal supplies and tools off of your trucks. Here is how a contractor can install a commercial fence around the perimeter of the parking lot to keep your work vehicles safe.

Install Fence Poles

The contractor will dig post holes about eight to ten feet apart around the perimeter of the parking lot. The post holes will typically be dug with a diameter of about a half a foot round, and a depth of up to a foot deep for regular fence posts. Corner, gate, and end posts are dug a little deeper and wider to hold extra stones and cement for extra support.

The contractor will fill the hole about a third of the way with gravel, and fill the rest of it with wet cement. The fence poles are placed into the cement and then left alone for a few days while the concrete dries and hardens.

Install Chain Link Fence Hardware

Tension bands and connecting hardware are added to the corner, gate, and end posts once the cement has dried. Tension bands are long strips of metal that are attached to the posts using brackets. Hinges and latches will also be put on the gate posts.

The bottom and top rails are slid over the posts and bolted into position.

Caps are placed on top of each fence post and pounded into the top of the post with a rubber mallet. The caps will keep someone from pulling the rails off of the top of the fence to gain entry into the parking area.

Install Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing comes in large rolls. On the end of a roll a tension bar is slid down through the chain links and bolted into place. A tension bar is a thin flat metal bar that is used to stretch the fence. The contractor will roll out the chain link fencing and stand it up against the fence poles on one side of the fence. The one end is secured to the end post using aluminum wire.

The fencing will be pulled along the poles using a pull bar. The pull bar uses hooks that are placed on the tension bar, and a crank arm is attached to a post to pull the chain link fence tight.

The chain link fencing is tied to the posts using aluminum wire. Aluminum wire is also used to tie the fence to the top and bottom rails.

Once the perimeter of the fence is completely done, pieces of chain link fence cut to fit the size of the gate panels will be tied to the gate posts and rails to completely enclose the parking lot with the fence.