Repairing Snags In Your Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is attractive, easy to clean, and holds up well to wear and tear. This kind of carpet is different from traditional carpet because instead of the fibers being cut at the end, they are looped over and woven down into the carpet backing, creating a continuous series of loops. Berber can be susceptible to rips and tears due to snags from the vacuum cleaner, family pets, or just by getting caught by something with a sharp edge. If your berber carpet has a snag, here are some simple steps to repair it.

Identifying And Preparing The Snag For Repair

You will need to locate the exact starting point where your berber carpet was snagged so you can repair it properly. Once you find the undone fibers, place the tip of a knitting needle or a small screwdriver through the snagged loop. This will help keep the snagged area in place and serve as a placeholder to help prevent the loop from being pulled back down when you make the repair. 

Starting The Repair

Find the corresponding thread that is located right next to the snagged area. Since berber is a continuous series of loops, this thread will be directly attached to the snag. Using an unbent paperclip, insert one end through this corresponding thread. Pull the paperclip back and you should begin to see the snag next to it start to decrease in size. Continue pulling until the snagged portion is only slightly larger than the other loops. Repeat this same process with the loop on the other side of the snag, but pull this one until it makes the snagged area go down to its original, correct size.

Completing The Repair

Once you've gotten the snagged area pulled back down to the correct size, use a small dab of super glue and place it down on the base of the fibers and attach it to the carpet backing. This will help keep the snagged area in place and prevent it from becoming snagged again. You can remove the knitting needle or screwdriver you originally inserted to mark your place, and your previously snagged berber carpet should look uniform and as good as new again. Never cut a piece of snagged berber because it will cause all of the other attached loops to start coming undone. These simple steps can help you quickly and easily repair a snagged part of your berber carpet and can save you time and money.

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